Parade Balloon Rentals

Affordable Parade Balloons Rentals!

Giant parade balloons are usually not available to smaller cities and towns because of the cost. Now, we are offering a huge selection of giant helium and cold-air parade balloons at a very affordable cost. Parade balloon rentals for every budget and every size event.

snowman shape helium parade balloon in the air.
Parade Balloons For Any Size Budget!

Parade Balloons, Helium Balloon Characters, Holiday Inflatables, Holiday helium balloons, giant helium characters, Christmas cold-air balloons,helium parade balloons, helium ornaments, Christmas balloons, custom helium parade balloons at affordable prices!

Turkey and star shape giant helium balloons used in parades.
Spectacular giant helium parade balloons at affordable prices!

Still want colorful helium balloons for your parade? Our smaller parade balloons are beautiful but much smaller and require much less helium.
Have your balloons and save money too!

Contact us at 1-800-791-1445 for more information on parade balloon rentals!
We have one of the largest selections of Parade Balloons and helium advertising balloons and Giant helium balloon characters available for sale, service and rental.
We offer many different sizes of helium parade balloons.
Parade Balloons are a cost-effective means to convey your message.Parade balloons can be made customized to almost any design you can supply to us.

We have a huge selection of parade balloons for rent and sale.

pink color pig shape giant helium balloon for parades
Custom parade balloons available!
25 feet high Statue of Liberty parade balloon
Statue of Liberty Giant cold-air inflatable adds flair to your patriotic theme parade or event.

Cold-air balloons work well for parades! You can set the balloons on flatbed trailers or trucks with flatbeds. Huge selection of cold-air inflatables available for all types of parades.

25 feet tall yellow color bunny inflatable.
We have a huge selection of cold-air balloons for rent.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are major parade holidays but there are many other parades with wildly diverse themes. How about this giant bull parade balloon for an unusual parade attraction!

bull shape giant cold-air inflatable
Bull parade balloon for your special event!

Call 1-800-791-1445 for parade balloons and giant custom inflatables!

Christmas ornament shape giant helium parade balloons
Parade Balloons for All Budgets!